Top Alternatives to uTorrent for Mac

There are lots of different utorrent clients for downloading, and new ones comes out every year. But what’s the best uTorrent alternative for macOS Catalina? Which has the best features? 😀

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In this post, we look at all uTorrent alternatives for mac and figure out which one is better for the average mac user.

1. Folx (Best uTorrent for macOS Catalina)

Folx is a torrent client for Mac that also serves as an all in one download manager. Right now, Folx is the best uTorrent alternative for Mac, simple interface and a great selection of features. Users of this software are able to download torrents as well as create their owns and upload them, and schedule downloads. Folx also allows limiting of download and upload speeds.

alternatives to utorrent mac cataline folx


2. Vuze

Vuze is a free torrent client software packed full of great features like an HD video player, remote management, browser, and a powerful bandwidth control. If you are looking for a good uTorrent alternative in Catalina OS Vuze is with no doub a great alternative.

Pay attention to the installation steps to avoid installing unwanted apps and toolbars.

alternatives to utorrent mac cataline folx


3. Deluge

Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Windows. It is developed in python, uses libtorrent at its core and GTK for the user interface along with web and console interfaces for advanced users facility.

We strongly recommend Deluge for advanced mac users looking for a Mac OS torrent.

best alternative to utorrent for mac catalina


4. qBittorrent

qBittorrent software is part of a project which aims to provide a free alternative to uTorrent in MacOS, Windows and others. The only con of this software is it  compatibility with Catalina which is not probed by far 🙁

Top Alternatives to uTorrent for Mac 1
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5. Transmission

Fast, free and user friendly. Transmission is a good alternative to uTorrent for mac and Linux users. This software is for sure not the best you can get, but we recommend it specialy to those users who loves minimalistic interfaces.

Professional users can also enjoy this software using the terminal or it web client.

good alternative to uTorrent for mac and Linux users
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