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syc pro software to download youtube content


YouTube is the most watched video streaming web. The online video platform features a wide variety of content, including TV clips, educational videos, music, entertainment, and much more.

SYC PRO is a software that allows us to download any Youtube video as mp4 or mp3 to our favourite device (Mac, PC, iPad, Android, …).

Why SYC PRO is just better

We all know a lot of web pages that offer to download Youtube content. We also know all these web pages fail a lot and when even if they work, they have limits when it comes to multiple downloads.

SYC PRO works all the time and lets us download whatever we want. Also, we can choose how and where we want to download the content. For example, we can download a whole playlist directly to your iPhone 😀

How does it work?

First, we must copy the URL of the YouTube video or playlist we want to download. If we have SYC Pro opened, it will automatically detect the URL and import the content.

Next, we can decide the format, quality, and where we want to download the content. To download the content we have to click the blue button.

download youtube video and music

SYC PRO lets us download the content directly to any of these options:

  • Download folder in your Mac
  • iPhone connected via USB or WiFi
  • iPod connected via USB or FireWire
  • Apple TV
  • Music Library
  • Android

Sometimes the content we download comes with no artwork or the wrong title, which is a pain if we are trying to build a music playlist. SYC PRO helps us to set the correct metadata in your downloads.

To edit content metadata, we just need to click the “Edit” button next to the content information.

edit youtube video metadata

SYC PRO allows us to edit artwork, titles, albums, artists, genres, composers or years. Once we are done, click “Save & Continue”.

youtube content metadata syc pro

Download SYC PRO

SYC PRO is currently available for macOS only. You can download it for free at

youtube downloader for mac

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