Download Office for Free Microsoft Office 365 (Windows/Mac)

download office for free

Normally Office stars at $75 per year, but we got a few ways to get it for free. In this post, we are going to show you all how to download Office for free, and almost every app offered by Microsoft.

Can you download  Microsoft Office for free?

how to download office for free 2020 2021

“Can I download Microsoft Office for free?” Of course, you can, and we are not talking about downloading Office trial version but the full one. Currently, we got different ways of get/download Office for free thanks to Microsoft’s pro-education campaigns ;D

Download Ms Office for Free Full Version

Whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux you can download Office Microsoft for free using this method.

In order to get Office for free, you just have to prove Microsoft you need the software. The easiest way is being a student but there are alternative ways.

Below you will find every alternative to download Office for free 😀

download ms office for free full version

Download Office for free (students)

As a student, you can get Office 365 full version for free. The process is really easy, but it can be messy if your college doesn’t provide you with an email address with an education domain.

In case you don’t own an education email, ask for one in your college or explain to your director how easy is get free Office for students using this program.

Download Office for free Windows 10

Same process as student version. You can get Office for free by proving you are a student.

If this is your situation, use the button below and go to the verification website. Once there, type your student email address and wait for the Microsoft Office confirmation 😀

This process can take a few days depending upon the domain (@domain) you got. In case you have a, your account will be verified instantly.

Download Office 10 free is not that hard, right? 😛

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