iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Fix

iphone 6 plus touch disease fix

If your iPhone 6 plus is working weird this guide will help you understand what’s happening and how to fix it.

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Symptoms of iPhone Touch Disease

There are two common symptoms:

  • Multitouch screen not responding correctly
  • Flickering gray bar across the top

Causes iPhone Touch Disease

According to Apple, the disease is caused by dropping the phone on hard surfaces.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Fix

And yes, that basically means they do not know the reason.

Alternative sources said the issue results from a design flaw in the iphone.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Disease

We recommend ask for a repair using the Apple repair program. In order to do this you must have an iPhone 6 Plus:

  • in working condition
  • that shows some of the symptoms listed earlier
  • that does not have a broken screen

The cost of this service is about $150, which is better than paying for a new one.

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