How to Download Amazon Prime Video Movies on Mac/PC

how to download prime video movies and series to laptop


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Are you looking for a way to download Amazon Prime Video Movies on Mac/PC? You land on the right website, here we will show you how to watch your favorite Amazon Prime Video Movies/Series offline on your Mac/PC for free.

How is possible to download Amazon Prime Video Movies on a Mac/PC?

The answer is simple, we are going to use a virtual Android device. It probably sounds complicated and messy, but actually it is not.

Are you interested in this method? Stay tuned and continue reading 😉

Is this method illegal?

No, it is not. If we are using an Android device Amazon Prime lets us download movies and series to watch them offline. Using this method we won’t break any term or condition of Amazon Prime Video since we are using the app on an Android device 😀

How to download Amazon Prime Video Movies on a Mac/PC

This software is available for macOS and Windows 10, so the steps are the same for both operating systems.

  1. Download BlueStacks
  2. Install BlueStacks and run it
  3. Go to Play Store and install Amazon Prime Video app
  4. Run the Amazon Prime Video and login
  5. Download the movies and series you like to your laptop and watch them offline when you want it

Here is my mac running BlueStacks. I totally forgot to change the language, so you will see “Descargar” instead of “Download ” 😛

how to download movies and series from amazon prime video on mac and pc

An alternative method to amazon prime video download movies to watch offline

Create a virtual machine with Android is an alternative to BlueStacks, but it is a complex method. Basically you will need to build an Android device manually, which will get the same result as BlueStacks. The main reason to do this is to avoid all de spam apps in BlueStack.

We do not recommend this option based on its complexity.

Link to the installation guide:

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