WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials

Wordpress Asking for FTP Credentials

Is WordPress asking for your FTP credentials to update or use some plugins? This is a common WordPress issue on VPS or dedicated servers.

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Fix A. Edit your wp-config.php file

This is probably the easiest and safest option to avoid WordPress asking FTP credentials every 5 minutes.

Follow the next steps in order to fix this issue.

1. Open your favorite file manager. We recommend Filezilla for FTP connections and File Manager if you are using cpanel.

2. Search and open wp-config.php (It location is yourweb.com/wp-config.php).

3. Add the code below at the end. Do not forget to edit lines number 2,3 and 4 with your host information.

define('WP_DEBUG', false); 
define('FTP_USER', 'YOUR FTP USER'); 
define('FTP_HOST', 'YOUR FTP HOST'); 
define('FTP_SSL', false); //Change to True if you are using SSL FTP
avoid WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials
Capture of wp-config.php after the changes

4. Save the file.

Fix B. Change wp-content/plugins permissions

This fix is a bit risky because you are editing permissions, but do not get scared about it. You can revert changes as many time as you want.

Follow these steps:

1. Once again open your favorite file manager.

2. Go to your WordPress folder.

3. Right click on the wp-content folder and edit File permissions. The safest value is 755, but you can try a 777.

change wordpress premissions4. Apply changes.

You can also try changing the permissions of root and wp-content/plugins.

Fix C. Change files owner

If none of the above has worked you can try a more drastic fix.

Connect to your server via SSH and run the next command 😉

chown -Rf www-data.www-data /var/www/html/

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