How to Install appx/appxbundle/eappxbundle File on Windows 10

windows power shell install appx package

Microsoft’s universal Windows platform applications use the .Appx, .AppxBundle or .EAppxBundle file format. They were created to be installed from the Windows Store, but Windows 10 allows you to do it from anywhere.

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First step (how to install eappxbundle)

You can only install .Appx, .EAppxBundle or .AppxBundle software if sideloading is enabled on your Windows 10 PC. Sideloading is enabled by default starting with the November Update, but sideloading may be disabled on some devices.

To check if sideloading is enabled, go to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers. Also, you can just open Start, type “Developer” and click on “Developer settings” .

enable developer windows 10 apps install packageIf everything is ok you will see something like this:

how to install an app on windows 10 using windows powershell

Install an .Appx, .AppxBundle or .EAppxBundle Package Using the Graphical Installer

On Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Microsoft added “App Installer” tool that allows you to install .Appx, .EAppxBundle  or .AppxBundle applications graphically. To install them, just click twice on the package.

Can’t you install it? No problem, follow the method exposed below.

Install an .Appx, .AppxBundle or .EAppxBundle Package With PowerShell

To install a package with PowerShell follow the next steps.

1. Run PowerShell as administrator. To do this you just got to search “windows powershell” and use right-click.

power shell as admin install package

2. Copy the package path. You can take it from the top bar and add the filename at the end.

copy package path

3. Run the following code on Windows PowerShell:

Add-AppxPackage -Path "THE PATH YOU COPIED"

unpackage windows powershell

unzip progress

It may take time depending on the file size so do not be impatient.

*If It throws an error, down below you can find some fixes to common errors.

How to install appx/appxbundle/eappxbundle file on windows 10

Once it ends you can find the final folder on your local disk under the folder WindowsApps.

Fix common errors

It is normal to get an error while we are trying to unpackage a appx/appxbundle/eappxbundle file. Here you got fixes to the most common errors installing packages.

PC out of space

When your PC is running out of space you want to keep apps in a separate location.

1. Open Storage settings

no enough space installing apps windows 10

2. Click on “Change where new content is saved”

change windows 10 apps location

3. Change the location where apps are saved

appx/appxbundle/eappxbundle error storage space

Access to files denied

If the files inside appx/appxbundle/eappxbundle package are encrypted you will have to follow the next steps to get access.

access denied to unpackaged filesMore information ->

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