Disable searchfilterhost.exe (High CPU Usage Windows 10)

Searchfilterhost.exe is the process in charge of file indexing. It is used to register all kind of files in order to make posible quick Windows files searchs.

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How to disable searchfilterhost.exe

Remove folders from indexation

Windows Search indexes folders like Downloads, Documents or Desktop by default. This folders uses to be modified regularly wich means that indexing has a lot of work to do to process that folders.

It is a good practice to limit indexation to folders that you want Windows Search to index. In other words, do this and your PC won’t get high CPU usage 😉

To remove folders from indexation follow the steps bellow.

1. Tap on the Windows key and search “Indexing options”.
high cpu usage indexing windows
2. Click on “Modify” and remove the checkmarks of the folders you do not want to get indexed.

Done! Windows won’t spend PC resources indexing folders you are not interested 😉

Disable indexing service

The easiest way to disable search filter host is turn off all search indexing processes.

If you want to disable search indexing follow the steps bellow:

1. Press Windows key+R and execute “services.msc”. This will open Windows Service Manager.
2. Locate Windows Search service and open properties by right clicking on it.
3. Set “Startup type” as disabled.
4. Stop the service.
5. Apply changes and press OK.

disable searchfilterhost.exe high cpu usage

Now all search indexing processes should be disabled.

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